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Terms & Conditions

A boat is not firmly booked until the completed and signed Booking Form, with a Deposit of £250, has been received by the Owners. A Receipt and Invoice will be sent immediately. Prices are inclusive of VAT. The booking confirmation and booking statement are not VAT invoices.

Once the booking has been accepted – THE HIRING PARTY IS RESPONSIBLE IN LAW FOR THE WHOLE OF THE HIRE CHARGE. WE THEREFORE STRONGLY ADVISE HIRERS TO TAKE OUT HOLIDAY CANCELLATION INSURANCE WHICH WILL COVER THE HIRE FEE SHOULD THEY NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THEIR HOLIDAY DUE TO ILLNESS OF MEMBERS OF THE PARTY OR OF CLOSE RELATIVES, OR BE CALLED FOR JURY SERVICE.The balance of the hire fee must be paid at least 8 WEEKS before the starting date of the holiday.‘If the balance of hire has not been paid on the due date (unless previously arranged for an alternative date) then the boat can be relet and the deposit is forfeit.’

A fuel / damage deposit of £150 is required per week. This is payable on arrival. It will be returned less the cost of fuel used if the boat and its contents come back to our base clean undamaged and at the the stated time.
If there is any loss or damage to the boat or its contents this is charged pro rata up to £150 and the fuel charged above this. DELAYED VACATION OF THE BOAT WILL BE CHARGED AT £10.00 PER HOUR.

Should the hirer need to cancel or change the booking, he shall inform the owners immediately in writing. The owners will make every effort to re-let the boat, and, if successful, will retain half of the deposit as a re-letting charge. Any holiday date change within 12 weeks of travel is taken as being a cancellation. If the boat is re-let at a lower rate than that which it was originally booked at the hirer remains liable for the balance up to the original rate. If the boat cannot be re-let THE HIRER REMAINS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WHOLE HIRE FEE (SEE NOTE ABOVE RE CANCELLATION INSURANCE).

The hirer warrants that at least two able bodied people 18yrs or older will be onboard the boat, taking responsibility of the boat and crew at all times. If there is any variation to this written permission must be obtained from the company .

Of the boat and 3rd party insurance up to £1,000,000 is included in the hire charge, excepting that the first £150.00 of each and very claim is the responsibility of the hirer. Pets are not covered under the company’s insurance policy and the Hirer shall be liable for the cost of any damage or extra cleaning required.

The owners cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to hirer’s property. Hirers are responsible for any charges made against them by canal or other water authorities for damage or wastage of water due to hirers failing to close lock gates or paddles fully and carefully. Cars are left at the Hirer’s own risk and on the understanding that staff may need to move the vehicles for access or in case of emergencies. Keys and any security/locking details to be left with staff before departure on your boat.

The owners cannot accept responsibility for delays due to stoppages, drought, flood, strikes, fuel shortage, or other circumstances beyond their control. Delays can happen at locks at busy times, and hold-ups for several hours are sometimes caused by obstructed lock gates. Hirers should allow for this in their plans, as late return will be charged strictly as stated in condition 10.

The hirer shall have no claim on the owners as a result of any failure or breakdown of the boat or failure of its engine or equipment, and if such a breakdown is caused by negligence of the hirer in failing to observe the written advice given to him by the owners, the owners shall have the right to claim upon the hirer in respect of expenses involve in rectifying the matter. The hirer shall sign the ‘Confirmation of Ability’ before departure and thereafter the hirer is completely responsible for the boat, its equipment and its operation, until it is handed back to the company at the end of the hire period.

10. Times for start and return are included in the details of each boat. Please Note: Late vacation will be strictly charged for at £10.00 per hour, or pro rata. Earlier take over may sometimes be possible but cannot be promised. The owners cannot accept responsibility for delay due to late return of previous hirers or needed repairs.

11. Company’s right to decline handover for safety reasons
The Company may cancel your booking and refuse to hand the boat over to you if, in its reasonable opinion, You are unsuitable to take charge of the boat for any reason that may adversely affect the safety of any person or property. In this event (and provided that You have fully complied with your obligations under this Agreement) the Company will refund the Deposit and any other monies which You have paid to the Company and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party.

12. Company’s right to repossess during the hire
The Company may repossess the boat at any time after commencement of the Hire Period if in the reasonable opinion of the Company You are unsuitable to be in charge of the boat for any reason affecting the safety of any person or property including in particular if You or any member of your party is or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if You are not behaving responsibly or if there has been a material breach of the terms of this Agreement.

13. Any accident must be immediately reported to the owners. The Owners DO NOT accept liability.

14. The owners will do their best to ensure that the boat is handed over in good running order, likewise all possible help will be given in any difficulty, but they cannot be responsible for any inconvenience or cost to the hirer arising from breakdown or mishap.

15. No oil stove or gas appliance of any sort may be brought on board.

16. Craft must not carry more than the number of passengers specified.

17. Craft must not travel in darkness, thick fog, tidal waters, on the Manchester Ship Canal, or tow other vessels.

18. If fuel cannot be obtained the booking shall stand and the boat used as a moored houseboat.

Property left on the boat can be returned on receipt of a payment of a minimum charge of £5.00. Unclaimed property will be disposed of after one month.

The descriptions of the boats in the brochure are generally accurate but the company will not be liable for any minor inaccuracies.

These holidays are active holidays and whilst pre-planned routes can be less active, these may not always be available due to extreme weather conditions or canal or river closures.
In these events “Chas Hardern Boats” are not liable for any changes of routes or cruising direction.

Each application is considered on an individual basis. We do not offer single handed boating during the winter months. You must be physically and mentally fit and well enough to handle a boat alone. We would require notification of any conditions /medication that could affect your ability to solo boat.

Fitness will include being able to climb lock ladders whilst handling ropes and being able to keep a watchful eye on your boat whilst going through locks. Your progress will be considerably slower than the times given by guide books which are based on a crewed boat of at least two people.There are restrictions on the places you can take the boat -contact us for details.

On arrival you would be helped through your first lock and accessed working the second lock on your own. 

Should we consider that you would not be safe boating alone the boat can then only be used as a static boat moored at the boat yard unless you can find another crew member. There is no refund.  If available you can have a day assessment boating before booking at approx. £150 per day .